Taivassalo Parish Centre

Taivassalo Parish Centre

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Customer: Taivassalo Parish
Location: Keskustie 6, Taivassalo
Completed: 2020
Area: 12 000 m2

The aim of the design was to create an architecturally impressive, modern-standard parish centre in the immediate vicinity of a culturally important site: the medieval stone church at Taivassalo. The new centre allows for the consolidation of the previously dispersed parish functions. The functionality, accessibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of spaces to meet the needs of different users were emphasised in the design.

The Parish Centre consists of two buildings. The main parish building houses the parish administrative offices, club and activity rooms, and the parish hall kitchen and dining facilities. The auxiliary building houses the personnel facilities for property management employees as well as a mortuary, family rooms and support services for visitors to the cemetery.