LPR Architects and Helin & Co Architects in the final of the EU Parliament architecture competition

The winner of the big international design competition of the EU Parliament has been selected. LPR Architects were selected in the finals with the proposal made with Helin & Co Architects and Sitowise Oy. We were the only Finnish group selected in the finals among 132 entries. Competition started already in year 2020 but the results came this year.

Danish JDS Architects won the competition. The proposal will not be executed. 

Competition was about renewal of the Paul-Henri Spaak building which is the main building of the European Parliament in Brussels. The building consists of the plenary session hall and the most important functions related to the reception of citizens, media and visitors. The aim of the competition was to design multifunctional and flexible building which is connected to the surrounding urban environment and nature with positive environmental effects.

In our proposal, democratic procedures are symbolized by the circular structures of the building. The halls located inside the shapes are outlined in the building’s other interior spaces as well as the exterior, emphasizing the transparency of the democratic procedures. The lobby illuminated by natural light creates the core of the building, tying the diverse functions around it into a clearly visible unity. The building’s ecological structures and materials, organic shapes, and human scale reflect the building’s sustainable values.

The jury praised the project as one of the most expressive amongst the entries. The homogenous approach, wooden structure and security concept was also appreciated.