LPR Architects take third place in the Lahti Niemi lakefront architectural competition

Competition proposal Lahden Poukama placed third in the Lahti Niemi lakefront area development competition in 2022. Organised by Polttimo Oy, UPM-Kymmene Plc and the City of Lahti, the competition was held to come up with ideas for transforming a former industrial area into a unique and attractive residential area and green zone for the citizens of Lahti. The competition area is located on the Lake Vesijärvi lakefront, a few kilometres from the city centre and adjacent to excellent public transportation connections and the city’s walking and cycling network.

Held in March 2022, the competition received a total of 55 proposals. The jury described Lahden Poukama as follows: “LPR’s proposal makes use of lake views by opening quarters to the south-west, north-west and out to the lake, thus filling the quarters nicely with natural light. The proposal strikes a suitable balance between the industrial scale and compactness of the area and the more sparsely built areas surrounding it.

The large quarters and centralised parking facilities in the Lahden Poukama proposal allow for extensive, lush yard areas. In addition, sustainable development is evident in the building materials used, the area’s own energy production, and an environment that promotes circular economy and communality.

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