New CEO for LPR Architects

Heli Väliharju

Spring brings big changes in our personnel when our long-term CEO Veera Rautaheimo changes her position to the chairman of the board. LPR Architects partnerships remains unchanged with partner architects Veera Rautaheimo, Pauno Narjus, Jonni Lampinen and Aleksi Myyryläinen.

Our new CEO Heli Väliharju, who is Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Construction Economics) has a long work experience as a CEO and an entrepreneur in the construction industry. Last three years she has been working as a business consultant for the management of SMEs.

Veera Rautaheimo has high expectations for the future cooperation: ”With Heli’s leadership, our experienced team continues its work in renovation construction but also designing functionally, cityscape- and technically challenging sites. Together with Heli, we will increase our expertise even more.”

Construction business has always been close to Heli’s heart and now she gets back to project work that she has been missing. She is very enthusiastic about her new position at LPR: “It is a privilege to be involved in all those special projects where LPR Architects is at its best. The sustainable development of the built environment is even more important, so it is very meaningful to be involved in enhancing it.”

CEO changes take place 1.3.2023 and you can reach to Heli by email: and by phone: +358 50 309 0682.