Urban Incubator

Urban Incubator

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Customer: S-Group / Nordic Innovation
Location: Kera, Espoo, Finland ››
Completed: 2016
Area: 180 000 m2, 90 000 m2

Urban Incubator competed for the first place together with three other finalists in the Kera Challenge, part of an innovation competition organized by the Nordic Built Cities Challenge.

Sharing services, goods and spaces, caring for the environment and creating innovative businesses are the cornerstones of Urban Incubator. Imagine picking up fresh lettuce and tomatoes from your own urban garden located just 100 meters away from your front door in an old but renewed industrial hall. Imagine rooftops of old warehouses converted into public and semi public green citizen areas, where open-air events and festivals are organized. Wouldn’t that be a fascinating idea?

Urban Incubator will transform the Kera industrial area into a forerunner zone setting new trends for business, culture and lifestyle. What makes the unique idea of Urban Incubator even more exciting is that old industrial areas like Kera can be found in almost every city, only waiting to be “urban-incubated”.

LPR Architects is part of The Urban Incubator team, which consists of Finnish and Swedish experts of sustainable business development, circular economy, real estate management, architecture and participatory planning.