Linnankatu 24 - Herrainkulma

Linnankatu 24

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Customer: Turku University Foundation
Location: Linnankatu 24, Turku ››
Completed: 2011, 2017
Area: 2500 k-m2

The draft design is a rezoning entry submitted by LPR Architects for the construction of a residential and commercial apartment complex on a plot owned by the Turku University Foundation. Located on the banks of the Aura River, the plot contains two protected buildings from the 1840s that are of great architectural and cultural historical value. The plot is also part of Turku National Urban Park, which was founded “to preserve urban nature and the built cultural environment as extensive and integrated entities”. The design area is important in terms of cityscape, architecture and history as well as layered, and its cultural historical value is invaluable.

The design brief was to develop the plot in a way that preserved the existing pedestrian and cycling route passing through it from Humalistonkatu to the Theatre Bridge that crosses the Aura River. A seven-storey residential and commercial complex was proposed in the design entry. The complex car park would be situated underground and the trees on the plot designated for preservation would be replaced with new trees. The plan was finalised on 27 October 2018.